Electric, colorful, impulsive.

For me, those words characterize Tel Aviv. The city in which everything is about now and nothing about tomorrow. But what if some of our decisions taken today actually do affect our lives in the future? In my first weeks in Israel, the colorful plastic bags attracted my attention in an interesting way. They raised my awareness of the presence of plastic in our surrounding area. I was surprised about our dependency on plastic and the difficulty to minimize my own wastage. How can one overcome the challenge of being a passive consumer? Can plastic be of value or is it predetermined as trash from the second it was produced? I found myself in a constant contradiction between being attracted by the playfulness of the colorful bags and the polluting consequences of our consumer culture. I experimented with various ways of working and playing with plastic bags. During the process, I withdrew myself from my first attempt of figurative image making. This step organically lead me into the field of abstract photography as well as added a paint-like aesthetic to my visual language. The delicacy and transparency of the pictures intrigued me. I tried to find a way to breathe new life into standard plastics and I let myself be inspired by paintings from various artists.